The world is turning more and more to technology to help us through the economic, climatic and workforce related challenges, but the solution may not be as simple as you first thought. At AssetBook it is our role to empower, inspire and enable businesses of any size to meet their goals. It might be to save money, automate new processes or even analyse your current business. Connected devices can allow all of the above and the costs are usually much less than you would think because technology really has reached a point where performance should far exceed cost.

But to help further we pulled together (in no particular order) 10 Top Tips to get the most from your IoT investment, whether it be a one off project or the beginning of an ongoing strategy.

  1.  IoT is cool but it must solve a problem.
  2. Really drive value for the user.
  3. Try to keep a balance, speed to market whilst keeping a wider futureproof approach.
  4. Think small to achieve big.
  5. Choose secure technology as a cornerstone.
  6. Work with a vendor who has expertise.
  7. Ensure you have price transparency.
  8. Where possible use non proprietary or open standard software and hardware.
  9. Understand that you will learn on the way and don’t be fearful or paralysed with the thought of getting it wrong.
  10. Draw a line under the basic wish list and then go for it, you can always iterate after completion of stage one.

And if you have any questions or want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you?