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Unify systems into one pane of glass view.

Unlocking the benefits of the IoT for the Built Environment

Unlocking the full benefits of the IoT.

With no barrier to the communication protocols (or mixes) and a system agnostic approach (an open system to 3rd party devices) clients can get the absolute maximum benefit from our borderless system. Imagine, as a kid sitting on the floor with a huge box of building blocks and your imagination, that’s how we think.


An extensive range of Gateways, Sensors, Bridges, Microcontrollers, Single Board Computers (SBC) and Communication modules ensure we have the right product mix to make development faster and easier.


Customised platforms with user defined dashboards and full integration support to ensure you get the best value and clear insights from your IoT deployment.

Full Turnkey Solutions

IoT framework and technology bundles developed to meet market demand in common use cases. Alongside full customisation and expansion options; turnkey packages help our clients realise the benefits of IoT faster.

Solutions for

Built EnvironmentHorticultureFactoriesNet ZeroSafety & SecurityIndustry 4.0RetailHealthcareHospitalityRenewablesEnvironment

The beauty of our approach is that it really is truly scaleable. From one door sensor or probe through to mass implementation within large facilities and companies. You choose how many modules you want to add, whether it is to raise the heat in a department, turn off all the lights in an entire hotel or manage estates worldwide. We simplify everyday life for facilities management whilst providing easy insights and controls for all stakeholders and users.

Capability and product development

Our Partners are some of the largest and most innovative manufacturers on earth. They have literally thousands of patent applications between them and spend millions on R&D per annum. Combined, they contribute a myriad of products and services, encompassing the latest technologies and leading manufacturing techniques. As a team our goal is to marry the most appropriate technology to the application and deliver the perfect customer solution each and every time.

Welcome to AssetBook

AssetBook is a powerful and secure platform that anticipates the needs of your environment. With AssetBook, you get the Internet of Things from a user perspective, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

  • See the visual status of your assets
  • Protect your systems with online secuirty
  • Monitor, control and manage your facility in real time

  • Using powerful automations, direct alerts to people within your organisation or create unique cross asset interactions

  • User defined reporting to unlock valuable insights

Our flexible approach enables our customers to choose what is right for them whilst providing on hand technical consultancy every step of the way. Discover the advantages of Sysical Solutions’ technical knowledge, support, best in class product and the incredible power of Assetbook IoT software.

Use cases

Built Environment

Full visibility, performance and automation of every asset in an estate, using single, group or global control commands.


Monitor, control and automate everything in open field, under glass or indoors using wireless or wired sensors to enhance growing conditions.

Industry 4.0

A fully interoperable system capable of using any protocol or communication methodology. Create cross asset interactions that deliver powerful insights.

Net Zero

A powerful single pane of glass view system, capable of using any protocol or communication methodology to deliver continued, incremental gains across your estates.

Safety and Security

Unify, monitor and control all of your services to create a best in class, safety solution that does more.


Create an IoT solution for retail that joins online with offline, functional with immersive, and delivers on sustainability and energy goals whilst doing it all.


Higher standards of care delivered intelligently using technology. Safety, data and insights delivered for good, sensitively and with respect.


Have your finger on the pulse of all things data whilst delivering exceptional safety and service in any environment, permanent or temporary.


Unify services, optimise efficiencies and deliver sustainable solutions in any or all areas of renewables using our IoT backbone.

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What is our why?

Sysical Solutions was born out of the desire to tackle the longstanding connectivity issue in the infrastructure and building industry. For too long services that could work in harmony and share insights have been siloed from each other or limited in their ability to work together via complex, proprietary and expensive integration. Whether software providers annexed from their real users or manufacturers warranting ecosystems that only contain their own hardware it just hasn’t worked. Users need to be closer to the software providers and have options to select best in class products and most importantly marry them together for a one pane of glass view. With decades of experience in electronic, control and technical products we have created services and full solutions that change the game.

What drives us?

We empower our global partners to achieve great outcomes with technology. We integrate technologies, knowledge and practices in our core fields to unlock their combined potential for all.

We are the driving force of our business

In an industry that creates walls rather than removes them, our approach is different and we bring a breath of fresh air. We are agile, autonomous and driven only by a will to deliver excellence. We remove barriers, provide personal support and we use this approach to bring the best and newest technologies to market to wholeheartedly support our customers growth.

We believe that Agility + Experience = Innovation

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